Welcome to the Squamish Philosophers’ Café. We are a community driven public forum where local, as well as global issues and a variety of topics are discussed and debated in comfortable settings. Our discussions are held in a round-table format where everyone is encouraged to respectfully express, and support, their views. The Squamish Philosophers’ Café is a network location of the internationally renowned SFU Philosophers’ Café and everyone in the community is invited to attend our lively discussions which are held on the SECOND SUNDAY of each month in the cafeteria at QUEST UNIVERSITY, between 15:00-17:00pm. Although we prefer you join, and RSVP on our Facebook Group, you can also just show up to a meeting, or email us at squamish (at) philosopherscafe.ca.

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Meetings Temporarily on Hold

Howdy Squamish Philosophers’! As most of you already know, our primary moderator Jill, is off to pursue other personal and professional opportunities and is no longer able to participate in the Squamish Philosopher’s Café. This wonderful community-driven forum for public discussion would not have been as successful, or as informative, without the passionate commitment and vast knowledge of philosophical issues which Jill contributed to the discussions. I will surely miss her contributions but wish her the best in her future endeavors.

For now I would like to put a hold on all future, monthly meetings until we know how best to move forward. I have created a document on the Facebook Group titled “Options for the Café” where members can view, comment and add suggestions on different formats, locations, topics, social media, online chat (Google+ Hangouts) or other ways in which we might like to experiment with different formats. One idea I thought might be worth trying, is a real-time Facebook Chat session or Google+ Hangout where members could engage in discussions from the comfort of their own home, or anywhere else they have Internet access and a laptop or tablet. Another option is to change the format and location and hold monthly talks in a bar. This is actually where many of the original Philosopher’s Café’s started, and where many in Vancouver are held.

So for now, please take a look at the document “Options for the Cafe” and add your comments, suggestions, ideas, preferences and let’s tentatively shoot for either making a decision about shutting down the group, or trying out a new format, by the end of February 2012. This would give us just enough time to plan for a March meeting, in whatever format, style or location.

In the meantime, check out this other Squamish group called “Squamish Documentary Night”. Another great option for engaging in dialog after watching a documentary. Very informal and far more fun than going to the theatre!