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  1. All i can say …theyre is a reason why they are dumbing us down…CONTROL.If you wish to bring politics into do so….new world order…money is power….NO IT ISNT people are we should unite and fight this bullshit… Sorry by the way if that came across as a little rant but Rothwells and the Bilderburg lot has a lot to do with this…not politics…PUPPETS.

  2. Ann M.​ You haven’t seen Trump yet the biggest orange wombat to ever walk Washington DC. If you think Obama has suppressed freedom woman your delusional. Anytime a president suppresses and deletes scientific work and destroys critical information in laptops used by scientists there’s a warning that book burnings are next. We already have banned countries. By that vain racists cunt. Feel your freedom being suppressed. He suppressed theses EPA scientists who were philosophical and scientific. Giving them gag orders and threatening them. Obama did none of this woman. Take your orange Hitler wannabe ass out of this conversation no one spoke of either Trump or Obama until you.

  3. You used to get proper intellectuals on UK TV back in the 70s, (George Steiner) now it’s mostly dumbed down bores who think their historians of the West. David Starkey excepted. Or geek lefties like Zizek for a sound bite on the theory, but philosophy isn’t a subject or something rational, life eludes its syllabus. The mystery of why the BBC still refuses to show / release (or even comment on ) Sartre’s Roads to Freedom 1970 continues, but then French state TV refused to as well. Yes I did see The great philosophers (photo header) but back to the bread and circuses………the Greek chorus of social media and the back of the toilet door, the fake left Trotskyism of the 60s found a nice rest home in Academia having betrayed the revolution and wanted to sell you scag then tell you how it is, post mod. You can’t do philosophy in a safe space ect, thinking might be offensive.

  4. I guess they are online? I like to talk about ideas online, I find it hard to do in person due to time constraints with work etc. Oppression is sure a part of it, with profit motives in media being a barrier. Youtube and video/audio sharing sites allow freedom however, dont they? Its where many people now get their media from. Lets not get hung up on whats on pay TV.

  5. There was a chance for people to ask politions questions on tv around brexit.

    Steven where is your proof that Obama didn’t suppress freedom of speech. it is claimed that it is impossible to prove a negative but I feel it is up to muppets throwing around fallacies and insults to give it a try. You complain about the attitude of book burning whilst using methods to oppose ideas you don’t like what require little more intelligence or reasoning skills than using a lighter.

    Ann proof would help.

  6. cardboard box​ your feelings don’t matter, proving a negative isn’t realistic as you say. Proof? Look at the orders Trump has signed to limit sharing of publicly funded information, deletions of information from public websites, telling the media to shut up for doing their job, and criticizing peaceful protestors. Free speech judgments have been made to support all these activities in the past IIRC.

  7. I think mostly people.are using teaching from old time philosophers.and may they are thinking.that is all what’s we need and.allwase many of is reed book those are weitin .on that all kind of philosophe.and now. Young monde going on internet side too . found fast anything.and for that they don’t need too think to much. They want .and soon they have. For that we are not making that minde that want are need too think deed .and for long.and other economic reason. Most mind are going too make money and fast and were they can found easy and fast and other too many don’t want reed books witch are give new way of think and think deep in any subject and any new way witch no one know before them any of us .if it’s not like that were that philosophical mide come with in us. Thank you if you reed

  8. Are all there butt we need too know witch kind of philosophy we need .that time of over changed world and over thinking are not same as before. For example.when tv start i remembere one tv in from thousands home and many people’s watch toghter and they talk and think about that all programs they watch butt now mostely people’s have too many things like that too watch same time and too many subjects too thinking.and stalks same time many defrent topics and like that .now in over new world and new Media style.over philosophy and philosopher are change. Butt all are there only we have too change over thinking how philosophy is now and how we adjust that philosopher with very new way of talk with new way of explaining .what they want to tell us .and when we start doing that we feel o they are all over us in over time of that world …. That’s what i think … Thank

  9. Bryan Magee on the right yeah..? I came across his book “story of philosophy” out of which he became my very favourite writer on the subject…

    Then on i had to find and read others of his…overtime i found and read the “confessions of a philosopher” and his interviews on the “great philosophers”…

    Great teacher on the subject

  10. The RFID MICROCHIP is the Mark of the Beast. This Mark of the beast is in Obamacare (See https://youtu.be/0JFvRv_UW14). Obamacare will not be abolished. The New World Order is real.

    Soon Obama himself will begin to push this mark of the beast and it will be required for all Americans to take this Mark of the Beast to fulfill Revelations 13.

    You really need to get right with God and wake up to the fact that either you will die, by getting your head cut off by guillotine (USA has 30,000 guillotines ready at 800 FEMA Camps), or are you going to take this Mark in your right hand or forehead and be sent to the Lake of fire for eternity?

    This is dead serious! I am not here to play games and lie! Warn your family, friends, enemies and yourself. They are pushing the Mark on the U.S. Military and it opens up a path of spiritual telepathy and turns the soldiers into killing machines. This video proves it, in the video a soldier reveals what the chip does to him: https://youtu.be/JiSwsU70ZRM

    The time has come, believe in the Gospel!

  11. Jesus Christ was brutally beaten unrecognizable and crucified and hung on a cross for hours. He was MURDERED…for YOUR Personal sins and he paid the price for you to be delivered from all your sins AND ALL YOUR SICKNESSES.

    PLEASE…repent of all your sins. If you choose to reject him you have to personally pay for your own sins in Hell, then the lake of fire for ETERNITY! Rather you believe this or not it doesn’t nullify its a fact! I have seen the Lake of Fire and Hell diverse times. Please repent of your sins TODAY…PLEASE? Death comes to us all at unexpected times, please be ready!

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