Martha Nussbaum on Grief & Aging

Martha Nussbaum on Grief & Aging

“Nussbaum is monumentally confident, intellectually and physically. She is beautiful, in a taut, flinty way, and carries herself like a queen. Her voice is high-pitched and dramatic, and she often seems delighted by the performance of being herself. Her work, which draws on her training in classics but also on anthropology, psychoanalysis, sociology, and a number of other fields, searches for the conditions for eudaimonia, a Greek word that describes a complete and flourishing life.”

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  1. Dr. Nussbaum’s life and contributions cannot be easily summarized or distilled into a nice package. Life isn’t a package after all, and she has had the personal courage to live and work in the messy world of human affairs. She is a hero of mine. Like Socrates, she goes to where the people are and is contempous (if that’s the right word) for the hygenic and detached mode of philosophical work and writing. No wonder philosophy, once the most vaunted of all forms of education, is now looked upon with curious disdain and mild indifference. We can turn a phrase; we can deploy our intellectual ‘tooth and claw’ to render our opponants defenseless; but can we love? Can we, who first elevated the question of eudamonia to the public consciousness actually locate it in our own lives? Dr. Nussbaum reveals to us just how vulnerable we are and must be if we are to be what we claim to seek — namely, wisdom. Like her, I believe a writer cannot and should not remove her or himself from the context and subject-matter of what is under discussion. On the contrary, he or she must throw themselves into a form of prose where grace and beauty are not expressions of narcissism but are the lingering imprint of our shared journey through the human experience, the lure that draws the reader into their own personal journey and exploration of that same condition.

    Is it sad that I lack Dr. Nussbaum’s driveness? Not really. I, too, have been driven in my own fashion. The outcome bears its fruits, albeit different and distinct from Dr. Nussbaum’s. And, she taught me that also — to cherish what we are, and realize that we each contain within us the seeds of remarkable growth if we learn to accept as well as challenge who we are and have been.

    Thank you Martha.


  2. 哲理的孕涵!不是在字理!也不是在表現!>>>它?是孤獨又非常高貴!冷漠讓他有智慧!無情又深沈的靈魂?在在有一種神聖的輕巧






  3. I don’t by go by feeling, I don’t believe in luck ok, i never have never will, I go by my God word, Its simple and fact of truth and honor, If you know that, You wouldn’t ask that question, You must be checking your own thoughts hmm

  4. Alejandro Perales You are absolutely right, our souls have no color, we can never go wrong in believing in Jesus Christ, and for what He did for us, it’s sad that so many people don’t trust Jesus, you have a blessed good life given to us by Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior

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