Physics Catches Up With Philosophy

Physics Catches Up With Philosophy

“With the Big Bang theory, modern scientists gave us a story about our universe’s birth. With special relativity and quantum mechanics, they elucidated the fundamental characteristics of that universe. With the multiverse and string theories, they’ve begun to pose hypotheses too massive to hang on even those frameworks. Equipped with particle accelerators to study the small stuff and enormous telescopes to study the big stuff, researchers are going back to the complicated basics, asking why and how the universe and all of its constituent parts, including humans, exists.”

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  1. God,since Descartes to Einsten ,they and others,said that there many aspects and misteries that escape the finite mind of man about the universe,and these concepts point to a spirit greater than us that created everything.




  3. Wow are people still into mythology. Please dont talk or have interest in science if you are religious. Dont indoctrinate your children with the word of god either please. Your literally setting them up to fail in the new age. Just let your archaic fairy tale die you are hurting the youth and the future.

  4. This is funny, theologians have known since forever that God created the universe, he will tell us how in his time, but go ahead think about it, there was a time when the universe was eternal, remember that, now every person should know that was a joke, now we may have popped into existing, I don’t know which is funnier.

  5. Shaun Welch No person is as intelligent as the creator, if you close your eyes and wish hard enough,it will do no good he will still be creator when you open your eyes. See your professor should have explained that to you when he was giving you false information. Find the Lord.

  6. Eric Day im trying to find him, i have this weird thing where i cant believe in him until i see him and he explains all the cruelty in the world first hand. Do you think he’d understand? I mean i have no problem with believing in him once he makes himself shown and i dont mind praising him or supporting him as long as i think he is kind and graceful. Well i hope he shows himself soon or if everything is true my soul is doomed.

  7. Listen I was just reading what you said earlier and I thought I would kind of mess with you, hey I don’t understand how this is a reality for so many and it is real but not everyone has this, for people to insist that there is nothing but the physical world to me that is the stretch. There are answers but why do folks think that they have to know is funny, and that is not to suggest intellectual laziness, you will not know the how, how did God bring something from nothing. The mind boggles.

  8. Richard Fox What, evidence is the creation, and fulfilled prophecy, and the resurrection, if you just repeat what someone else told you and not look yourself then you will repeat silly things like sky fairy, you will be held responsible,whether you want to believe or not. So try and look yourself. It is right in there .

  9. Eric Day it gives false hope to those in a vulnerable state. It does nothing for the state of being, and if it were correct it would be the cause of the state of affairs. Its wrong to lie but moreso to the youth. Also which religion out of many are you even talking about.

  10. Shaun Welch I was just responding to your very general comment, and it is not false hope to give to a child that has no other family, see so much is said about religion and there are problems, but to make blanket statements like you did is not right either, charities homeless shelters these are good things, and it doesn’t matter what religion.

  11. Eric Day you know what means more to them than a lie, parents. Right well i guess charities and homeless shelters dont have to be religious at all to work. If it doesnt matter which religion then no religion seems less annoying and more applicable in many regards. Unless you intend to insult the intelligence of people, and yet worse to degrade intelligence from useless information. How about science its more practical and exists.

  12. Shaun Welch also my friend why would someone lie to a child, and if they are in an orphanage they don’t have parents . Stop with the negative BS, and this attempt to go after religion, is silly, when your life is at stake,you embrace God, no please stop repeating what your friends or professor told you,

  13. Eric Day so they can indoctrinate their beliefs onto them. Well my point was that its not enough to give them something immaterial, coming from my own personal experience of never having a mother. Well thats what i would tell your god, to stop creating terrible things. Youre repeating a book, your pastor, your parents. Im thinking for myself, science is the opposite of faith. Science is objective, religion is subjective.

  14. Richard Fox my point was this clever bullshit goes right out the window when you are afraid for your life, trying to insult the church or the entire church is stupid.

  15. Richard Fox ” oh God please save me, all that a stuff I said I was just trying to impress my friends,I swear I will be good just let me live” stop it.

  16. Eric Day to me that is not good or bad, its rather neutral given the information at hand to not believe in something without evidence. Its actually very immature of such a god to punish someone for ignorance or for not praising.

    What is bad is to be good to get into heaven instead of just being good. Im very happy because i effect things positively in my environment because its who i am. In a world which is negative around me, im the thing that brings joy to my pets and to people i try to help. That sense of good is me and i dont need a god because i am purer than the creator of grief. If i was a god i would not create grief or pain. I care about prosperity and collective happiness. And i dont need any praise or acknowledgement for that, im that way regardless.

  17. Shaun Welch That is nice, it really is but there were a lot of people that thought they were good, but you are not good enough, and I am not going to go all into detail here it is late, but I suspect you know this, things in this world are bad because of people and their choices, not God, he has given us free will, we also have a free gift of salvation, you by your own deeds fall short, you just do. I am sorry, find Jesus Christ.

  18. Eric Day yes because of people, animals or insects, events all these produce bad things because there is no being behind it all. Sorry i dont feel like i fall short of anything (8 must suck to always feel like youre not good enough. If im punished for some reason even though ive never hurt anybody or anything there is a flaw in the system, not me. And that can never be taken away from me it would be cruel to do so.

  19. Shaun Welch hey let’s give this rest, you are the only person who is without sin, I suspect you are decent, but don’t fool yourself, and we disagree that is all.

  20. Laura Telly You have a very beautiful mind, you are the higher level. Some people look at the same flower and have no concept of intrinsic geometry, only crude simplicity.

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