Can We Rise to the Challenge?

Can We Rise to the Challenge?

How can we respond to the things we see in the world which appear to be so wrong, so evil, so cruel and exploitive to other’s, in a manner which actually has an impact? Psychologically it is completely natural for us to respond strongly and emotionally to those things which we find offensive. This is afterall, part of how we define our own sense of self, our moral identities. By calling out those persons or activities we find so offensive we are not only expressing to the world our values, but we are also reinforcing our own beleif/intention of being a “good person”.

How can we think of ourselves as a “good person” if we dont passionately, angrily or judgementally call out or speak up about the evils in he world? Maybe the Eastern traditions can give us one possibility – cool heroism.

“By taking these three steps—finding one’s relation to all beings, acknowledging the evil potential in oneself, feeling sympathy for the evil person—one gets the strength and energy to be an activist and to try, by voting and organizing, to stop harm caused by others. This is cool heroism: developing a tolerant, deliberate, and wise energy.” (Robert Thurman)

Robert Thurman is one of North America’s greatest scholars of Tibetan Buddhism as well as the first American to be ordained in the Tibetan Tradition (studied alongside the 14th Dalai Lama). Also the co-founder and president of Tibet House and father of the actress Uma Thurman!

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  1. so basically we are saying that by accepting that evil (aka the devil luke lucas lucifer, lucretia lucy luiferina-luxor deities) are really red pentacles in disguise (rebels that care about communities. Are cool heroes are horned ones on the way to becoming angels, is that the buddhist traditions, pangu wpuld be pleasd another luxor.

  2. We educate ourselves to differentiate between the conceptual world and the substantial world, to further educate ourselves on the jurisdictional differences therein. Then we use that information to introspectively recognize which behavioral habits we have adopted, that conflict with those differences, and change them. After we have made those changes and have experienced their virtues, we can say we understand how the process works, both in theory and in practice; and it is from this place that we can start to educate others on attaining the same awareness and wisdom.

  3. From the creation of two type of men on earth. One evil; another gentle. evil means who habituated to harass the people. Gentle means who habituated to help the people. To harass the people is sin. If you are unable to help people; not mind. but not harass. In India; there is measure ” Vidhya Vivaday ; Dhanam Maday; Shakti Paresm Pari Pdnay; Khalasya Sadho Viprit m etat; Gnanaya; Danay; cha Raxanay ch ” means by knowledge; by strength; and by wealth to harass people is is know as evil; and by knowledge ; by strength and wealth to help people known as gentle. Every one should there self by this measure and decide where he is gentle or evil.

    In India; from childhood this lesson is teach. The adventure and the bravery is the virtue of humanity. You have not to harass any one; but create the personality that no one can think to harass you. You live among the evil people. This the fundamental way to reduce the violence. day by day gentles are going weak; and evils are going strong. To kill the evil person is not the sin. We are not giving education to child of Adventure and Bravery; and shouting for humanity. We are selling weapons to evil and talking for peace.

    Darshanchandra Pathak

  4. Walking in enlightenment is good. But once enlightened one should take action according to ones morale view. To not take a stance/ action is to be stagnate, and that could be viewed as death.

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