How Philosophers Think

How Philosophers Think

Should some topics be out of bounds for rational discussion? 

Yesterday I posted something about poor Richard Dawkins and how he has been attacked on social-media lately about some thought experiments he tweeted which got some people going. Well if you want some insight into philosophical thought, and of course it’s profound and practical value in spite of what Neil deGrasse Tyson might say, check out Dawkin’s response to the outrage over some of those thought experiments. I think he handled it well, and made perfectly sound and rational arguments about the problem with mixing emotions and logic. And as you read this, and you read the topics he choose for those thought experiments, consider your own reactions and thoughts.

“There are those whose love of reason allows them to enter such disagreeable hypothetical worlds and see where the discussion might lead. And there are those whose emotions prevent them from going anywhere near the conversation. Some of these will vilify and hurl vicious insults at anybody who is prepared to discuss such matters. Some will pursue active witch-hunts against moral philosophers for daring to consider obnoxious hypothetical thought experiments.”

Dawkins also shows a bit of why there are aspects of his thinking, his commitment to rational thought, that I do admire. Now if only he could point that sharp, rational & philosophical acumen on his own blind dismissal and judgement of metaphysical or spiritual aspects of humanity!

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