“One of the most strongly debated philosophical problems is that of the nature of consciousness. This is no surprise, since it is probably the most difficult question, at least apparently, for naturalistic or materialistic views of the world. After all, the necessity of having a spiritual cause of the existence and order of the cosmos is far from being self evident, and also not many people would literally bet their necks for our capacities of catching abstract mathematical truths being utterly unexplainable from the mechanisms of our nervous system.”

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7 Replies to “WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS? (Part 1)”

  1. Hudson Child

    Your definition obviously does not work.

    For example, it completely fails to explain visual pattern recognition in the brain.

    You have not studied ANYTHING in brain science. Not even at the most basic level.

    Consciousness studies and brain science in particular are very recent areas of work.

    The most sophisticated and integrated philosophy of consciousness is not found in the West.

    It is found in Buddhist medicine and Buddhist tantra.

    In this kind of system consciousness is an energetic phenomenon.

    The ancient Taoists and ancient Hindus basically agree with that overall kind of perspective.

    And their approaches are of course different from the Buddhist approach.

    The future of consciousness studies certainly moves towards Buddhist philosophy and practice.

    That is already happening.

    At a basic level.

    The point is to become aware and responsible.

    This requires a significant amount of self-mastery.


  2. Neuroscience is closing the gap. Philosophy just has the all purpose answer . Like religion has. It never varies or changes because they have the answer . Science finds facts and evidence. Peer reviews it . And may find more facts or evidence latter . To give better light to existing facts. So this discussion isn’t going to go well. For philosophy. As it is just an uneducated faceless journey . With no evidence . Based on a belief of . We know how well that worked I. The dark ages . https://academic.oup.com/nc/article/2018/1/niy008/5103991

  3. The question is whether consciousness is an organic activity confined to space-time or is it beyond that. Obviously our awareness of being-ness expands beyond time and space withing the the cosmic event within its laws so it is not confine to a specific time and space like inorganic matter. The basic component of the phenomenon of awareness of our being-ness is “I AM” . The being-ness of the cosmic event is relative to “I AM” . “I AM” is an abstraction base on the collective symphony of memories. We are what at a specific time is the composition and play of our memories which keeps on changing and gets affected with the change of the chemicals in the brain. For all this there must be an individual exclusive “I AM” Without “I AM” there is nothing. Only “I “AM” says that there is something and “I AM” is not only a part of it but aware of it because “I AM” emerge from it, composed of it hence in all regards relative to it. As “I AM” is part of it so “I AM” is the basic component of it, that is why what so ever is there is “I AM” infinitely and eternally as there is no other option, there cannot be an end or beginning, if there is something it must be the result of something.

    Physical cosmic event is in a flux so is our physical awareness of it but at the same time we are aware of the infinity and eternity which is also an integral part and reality of being-ness. We base our perception on the limitations of our event, limitation based on our perception of space-time. Because this event of being-ness, because of its composition and its laws which it obeys, is spread out in parts. Each part has its exclusive individuality, representative of the totality, each part reflects the totality but is part not a whole by itself and physically confined to space-time but the whole is not independent but is compose of these parts and no part, a photon, is independent of this event. Without individual molecule or photons there cannot be this event like this however there can be an event of “I AM” with some other infinite eternal manifestation but without “I AM” there is nothingness but being-ness negates such a possibility. My consciousness is a reflection of the truth of the event as there is no other proof that in the infinity and eternity an even of this kind is taking place, we perceive a change of events when one phenomenon changes into another which we call time and we move on in time assuming that the bygones are bygones but even this is infinite and eternal other wise we would not have been able to recall the bygones if past was not present in the cosmic event. Each second of our existence which we assimilate with our limited conscious is infinite and eternal. There are multifarious forms of “I AM” each with its own individuality but not only relative to the event but based on it, “I AM” is the collective symphony of the present cosmic event, so it is a tunnel vision for the preservation and proliferation of the species. To what end and why …………….. ……….there are more manifestations of “I AM” but not like the present form of symphony of “I AM” which we call consciousness.

  4. el problema, en mi opinión, es que solemos caer, hablando en general, con bastante frecuencia en la oscura inconsciencia, y aún no sabemos cómo arreglárnoslas para disfrutar de la feliz amplificación de nuestra conciencia sensual y emocional, intelectual y espiritual en nuestro vivir cotidiano en este maravilloso lugar.

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