I will be moving most if not all of my content from all my Collections, to the MeWe platform. I will also carry on my posting, writing and opining in areas of psychology, spirituality, well-being, psychedelics, philosophy, technology, sexuality and most of the other topics covered in my G+ Collections. I don’t know where this platform will go, or if I will also move to other platforms. but for now this one seems to hold the greatest promise for duplicating most of the features and functions I got used to in G+. However, I don’t see the ability to “follow” and not actually become a “Contact”. A migration in process.

PS: A system similar to “Collections” is in the works on MeWe, so for now I am not sure how you “follow” me without becoming a “Contact”. I hear public posts are coming as well.

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  1. ” We must not tolerate Israel’s refusal even to discuss the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, as prescribed by United Nations resolutions, and we ought to question the U.S. government funds that have supported multiple hostilities and thousands of civilian casualties in Gaza, as well as the $38 billion the U.S. government has pledged in military support to Israel.

    And finally, we must, with as much courage and conviction as we can muster, speak out against the system of legal discrimination that exists inside Israel, a system complete with, according to Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, more than 50 laws that discriminate against Palestinians — such as the new nation-state law that says explicitly that only Jewish Israelis have the right of self-determination in Israel, ignoring the rights of the Arab minority that makes up 21 percent of the population.

    Although the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee denounced Israel’s actions against Palestinians, King found himself conflicted. Like many black leaders of the time, he recognized European Jewry as a persecuted, oppressed and homeless people striving to build a nation of their own, and he wanted to show solidarity with the Jewish community, which had been a critically important ally in the civil rights movement.

    Ultimately, King canceled a pilgrimage to Israel in 1967 after Israel captured the West Bank. During a phone call about the visit with his advisers, he said, “I just think that if I go, the Arab world, and of course Africa and Asia for that matter, would interpret this as endorsing everything that Israel has done, and I do have questions of doubt.” ….BY Michelle Alexander.

    creacionheroica1928.blogspot.com – CREACIÓN HEROICA

  2. Since 2015 ,during Hussein Obama administration , the U.S.State Department has blocked Venezuela from its own banking accounts and frozen its money ; also has , illegally confiscated Venezuelan companies , depraving its people to buy medicines ,food and products needed to move its own factories.

    Now the Trump Administration captured by the old NEOCONSERVATIVES war-mongers left over from the Bush Administration has force , bribe and demand the rest of the Nations to go along with this inhumane and illegal Blockade and sanctions that is part of the strategy of REGIME CHANGE that Trump denounce when he was a candidate under influence of Steve Bannon and Michael Savage.

    After stolen the money and Venezuelan’s companies, as part of the propaganda preparation for MILITARY INVASION , now they put up a show of Humanitarian Aid , in order to rally support from the manipulated people for his Regime Change policies.

    The Corporate media , usually divided and struggling over RussianGate and possibility of Impeachment , now both sides are together as Trump – Pelosi -AIPAC are solidly united in their effort to destroy the People’s Venezuelan Government and put in place a PUPPET regime that privatize and give the Natural resources of LatinAmerica to the big American and European Corporations.

    American people and Progressives Movements must denounce the U.S.and any foreign intervention in Venezuela , fight back the International Zionist Corporate funded Propaganda TV ; Demand , the end of the Economic and Financial blockade and the respect of the Venezuelan Constitution , its institutions and its democraticly elected Government..Hands off Venezuela !

    venezuelanalysis.com – Venezuelanalysis.com – Venezuela News, Views, and Analysis

  3. Dear friends can someone help me on this question .” as I am ,I see the world. As I see the world so do l become” . sometimes that world confirms a meaning which I initially gave it and myself. Sometimes it contest this and helps me revise it” discuss and give opinion to the above statement.

  4. Fox Pad Timothy Mabwanda ,hello soul did you sport,meditation,have somebody to love you and you love back?did you ackowlegded change information in all cultures ,travel the world alone? there are more..a list of dutys they do not teach us u need to learn by your own

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