Assuming this is reliable, and we have more reasons to believe it is, rather than not.

“When Donald Trump decided to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria in order to please his personal puppet masters in Russia and Turkey, it did more than just prompt Secretary of Defense James Mattis to resign in protest. It turns out U.S. military officials are now cutting off all contact with Trump, and it’s coming at Mattis’ instruction.”

“Then again, when the “President” of the United States is merely a guy who treasonously conspired with a foreign enemy to rig the election in his favor, and was not legitimately elected to anything, can you even have a coup against him?”

“In a startling revelation, military leaders are now going out of their way to avoid “interacting directly” with Donald Trump, according to a new CNN report, for fear he might issue them an impulsive and destructive order. They would have to immediately follow any such order, even if it were as ludicrous as, say, bombing a United States ally. They’re cutting off contact with Trump because General Mattis told them to, for the good of the nation.”

#donaldtrump #trumpocalypse

82 Replies to “THE END IS NEAR”

  1. Then they should be court-martialed dishonorably discharged, if not shot.

    The president is the commander in chief, he is their superior officer. Right, wrong, idiot, orange or otherwise. This isn’t a police state run by the military industrial complex. (Well, it is, but it’s not supposed to be.)

    Anyone who is upset because we’re pulling out of a war, which is not even authorized by the Congress, and thus already illegal has lost their damned mind and is part of the problem.

  2. More than 30% of the billions $ was going in pockets of the corrupt politicians whom were in charge of the troops in Syria.

    So Trump want to stop the robberies.

    Also want to save that money plus saving lifes of the US citizens(troops) instead of returning back to homeland in coffins wrapped by US flags.

    Trump already coordinated with the US allies in the region to do the necessaries to accomplish the mission in Syria .

    President Trump is a great leader and wise politician in history of the America and doing his best to serve the Americans and to make their life better and working hard to safeguard interests of the US abroad and internally but the enemies of humankind conspiring against Trump’s policies by spreading fabricated informations and ridiculous irrational accusations to misinform the public general opinion.

  3. Luna Occulta what commander? A coward who absconded active duty by submitting bogus medical certificate? A rogue and scoundrel? A habitual liar? America belongs too dogs because of that moron!

  4. OWNER/AGENT Paul Hall are you asking me ? Seems you would know the way you have your ear on the tracks.

    Is this real? I feel like I’m in a vacuum of dis info .I have a corner in my basement where I keep all the shit I think I will need in case it all goes wrong , and I need to get out .I n your opinion are we there?

  5. The President elect is the CnC of the Armed Forces and everyone should tow the line and follow orders. The troops in Syria are just the tip of the iceberg. The Troops in Afghanistan should also

    Leave. Its the President that decides Foriegn Policy and not tje Generals

  6. I agree with the synopsis that these people should have stayed in place and not stepped down. Stepping down and not standing up for your beliefs is a punk way out.

    Then to encourage others to do the same is treasonous. This has to stop. Stand up for something or fall for anything, General Mattis. What are you hiding behind a facade of “Universal Soldiers”?

    You have deserted the American public at a time when we need men (which I thought you were) of integrity and wisdom to help the commander in chief make better decisions. He is not a politician. He is a businessman.

    He didn’t understand that you can’t run the government like you run a business. This should have been discussed between the outgoing Obama administration and the incoming Trump administration.

    It got ignored when everyone was focused on the in-credulousness of the first and only President in history being elected without the popular vote. This should have sent up red flags.

    But politicians, being handed everything on a silver platter, just don’t care, not all of them mind you, about the destruction that may occur after their brief moment of fame. All things considered.

    Now this country is facing the most unstable time in our existence because our elected officials are not paying attention or just don’t care. It may be a combination of both factors. Regardless, this country is in a dilemma. Get it right, gentleman.

  7. Friedrich Nietzsche Yes, peace, and not getting American’s blown up by dropping bombs on poor people is terribly disruptive. Without the war in Syria, where would they get their migrant crisis to aggravate and destabilize Europe? Their plans for increasing government control and censorship and restrictions on democracy would be ruined!

  8. Actually, they wouldn’t have to “bomb an Ally” since such an order would be both a violation of the War Powers Act and also prima facie illegal.

    Avoiding a criminally sick person, though, is generally a good idea.

  9. Didn’t Obama call for all the US troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. In todays Globe and Mail it stated that there were 170,000 troops in Iraq and 14,000 in Afghanistan WTF shouldn’t be the other way around.

  10. The end is always near. Kinda like tomorrow always coming but never gets here.

    Kinda like Jesus always coming but never gets here.

    Actually Jesus returned in 321 AD and took God’s people away.

    Now Satan is in power and good people are shunned my evil people.

  11. Stanley Orner I’d like to know what he was doing instead. If I knew I might say that is more important and he shouldn’t allow a visit to the troops to distract from that. I see what you mean though if there’s no real reason why not then he should.

  12. cardboard box Mr. Trump’s visit to the troops is sort of a holiday tradition. I am not sure when it stopped but I can recall back when I was a child and, the various wars took place, the RSO and Bob Hope would go over to the war zone and entertain the troops with many of the biggest stars of that era to raise the moral of the people who are protecting our freedom.

    Today, I believe it has waned because the entertainers are scared of these places, but yet they don’t have a problem with our soldiers buying their records to line their pockets now, do they?

    Boy, If the military refused to allow certain entertainers offerings to not be available to our population of the military they would cry foul. Well they are foul. When the entertainers went over to entertain, usually there would be a “surprise” visit from the president or other important elected officials. Visiting, in person, is so important we have lost the reason that it is.

    Let’s start the tradition back up.

  13. I’d back the entertainers right away there not obliged to risk getting shot at just because soldiers are willing to buy there records that’s not the deal the deal is just money for a copy of the music. In terms of bringing the tradition back it’s a nice idea. Considering how controversial Trump his maybe he’s scared of friendly fire.

  14. bob moody You will be sorry for your blatant idiocy and I wish I could find your ass on the street so I could show you how much of a homosexual I am when I obliterate your ass with my base hands. You are a pompous ass.

  15. Государственный бюджет болвана Гройсмана и П.О.ца ПАРАЩАенка на 2019 год – это бюджет силовиков, в котором для простых украинцев вообще ничего не предусмотрено !!!

    Бюджет 2019 года – это бюджет силовиков. Это бюджет, по которому страну разделили на силовиков и простых людей. Несколько дней назад работникам блядской прокуратуры подняли зарплаты на 25%. Ох как замечательно, ведь это все нехорошие люди. Только я не понимаю, чем отличается журналист, медик, учитель или еще кто-то от силовика? Почему они должны быть нищими в стране, а силовики – богатеть? Почему так происходит? Почему мы на них выделяем все больше и больше, а на остальных – ничего….

    Подобные бюджеты принимают диктаторские политические режимы, которые боятся своего народа, потому что воруют и рассчитывают в случае необходимости опираться исключительно на силовые структуры.

    Какие режимы выделяют на силовиков больше всего? Это те режимы, которые боятся своей страны, боятся своего народа, боятся за свои хлебные места. Они считают, что на щитах и дубинках удержатся у власти. Но так не будет. Украина – это не Россия, я хочу об этом напомнить. Бандеровцы со мной согласны», – подытожил Вадим Рабинович.

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  17. bob moody Ahh Bob; you just got a “Hate Speech” report sent to Google+ Keep it up and you’ll have your Google+ account closed by Google. Remember, teh First Amendment does NOT apply here, Google’s TOS is the rule.

  18. Dan Slaby This is true.

    But since the president is the supreme commander of the armed forces. Nearly any order is legal. Especially since the Congress has already authorized the military to essentially kill anyone, at any time, anywhere, even if that person is an American citizen.

    Thanks to Barry and George.

  19. cardboard box Not so much the words, but the obvious hostility behind them. While he may be a troll, he may also be one of those borderline-violent types who deal with their own “sinful and unnatural” feelings by lashing out at others; first with words and then physically.

    If he’s just a troll, alerting G+ to his activity makes sense, even if G+ is going away in a few months. If he’s more than a troll, then warning G+ about him is both a necessity and a protection for Google should he turn his hatred into action. I lost a good friend that way – he wasn’t gay (and neither am I) but he “looked the part”. He was beaten almost to death by four “Real Men” and wound up with a crippled right arm and two broken ribs. These so called “Christians” were caught and are currently in prison (where homosexualy is rampant as a power trip) and will be for three more years.

    As a result, when I read obvious hate-speak, I report it. It might just save someone’s life.

  20. Kyllein MacKellerann I’m sorry for your friend and it sounds like they deserve to be there. I hope they decide to beat up a gay guy tougher than they are. The things is these people exist whether they can speak or not. I don’t think ideas can’t be countered as your trying to silence them it only implies you don;t have a counter argument and implies there correct.

  21. Why do you think US forces are in regions such as Syria? It’s to protect the US. If the US pulls out of Syria, that will allow ISIS to regroup and get strong again. And when they do, they will resume their attacks. Pulling out of Syria is what Russia and ISIS want. The bottom line is that pulling out of Syria threatens the safety of US civilians. That is the reason why the generals oppose leaving Syria. They should know – they have devoted their lives to working in conflict areas. they are the experts. You think a failed real estate guy with a fake tan and a fake medical condition to get out of serving in the armed forces knows better?


  23. Ridiculous ridiculous public news kind of ridiculous have a thought let’s not put in your head but one that you created instead what has happened in your life that’s so terrible since Trump took office what basis are you convicting this person on I haven’t seen any negativity as far as the way the United States is prospering ridiculous ridiculous public news kind of ridiculous have a thought that’s not put in your head but one that you created in Staten what has happened in your life that so terrible since trunk took office what basis are you connecting this person on I haven’t seen any negativity is far as the way is the United States is prosper my don’t understand this Ludacris Russia fixing our election deal that didn’t happen that is more of your public marshmallow media and people like this who feed into this ridiculous medium and people do not like Donald Trump because of his personality but what type of job has he done considering the roadblocks that he faces at every move he has made eye think he’s doing well and its far as somebody being in office what about presidential mama he wasn’t even American if you know you want to believe the public marshmallow media but we allowed him to do his job shit back right it out go vote and change it if you don’t like it and if not then shut the fuck up

  24. Seems to me they did a lot of that already while we’re there our

    Military should not be on the ground of any country for the most part .should be home taking care of our soil.

  25. Trump derangement syndrome is eating you poor fuckers up. He is just a loudmouth NY businessman who refuses to mealey mouth around and is actually trying to do something. He’s not too smart but he’s not stupid. He’s not very honest but he’s not evil. You have no evidence of him conspiring with anybody or doing anything illegal you just have hearsay and sound bites of him saying shit that you find offensive. Well being offensive is not illegal and it is often needed when weilding power so boohoo you batshit crazy liberals. Get over yourselves.

  26. That particular form of derangement that Trump suffers from is now named after him? It’s true he is deranged, but I didn’t think it was anything special. Just a senile old guy with delusions of grandeur, narcissism, and other character flaws.

  27. I see all I see is a bunch of people who probably sit on the sidelines and just hope for the best I see a man who truly is a patriot American he stands up for American rights he does not give away things without us receiving in return He Turned China away on trade talks how about the first time in 50 years how about possibly 3rd meeting with the North Koreans yes there’s posturing going on but Trump understand this heat is not got to the point he is in his life

  28. That he is without being an extremely sharp negotiator very intelligent and stands his ground yes he was given some money by his family to start a business he has taken that and just rolled It and Roll It and Roll It and he has done that with American Pride have you seen him be embarrassed in front of a foreign Nation like President Obama was when they flew out or stealth fighter over him negative he will not tolerate this he also has clout already when he steps off a plane somewhere people know him

  29. And as with all strong and just Presidents his legacy will go down as a turning point in America’s Resurgence into the world we had become almost third world in some cases he is pushing for the agendas that will take your children and grandchildren into a prosperous United States of America we cannot stop Manifest Destiny it is not America pushing America around the world it is freedom pushing freedom from

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